Picture Perfect Weekend

…and sadly, no pictures to show for it. Regardless, we had a great time!

We had some visitors this weekend, my father & his wife, along with my brother and my niece came down to visit! I love visitors. We had a fabulous time, and I love having my niece around to help me do chores. She’s a mini farmer in the making.

Saturday, before we went to the farmers market, I went and traded a trio of meat rabbits for a pair of green egg layers. One is black while the other is white, so naturally we named them Ebony & Ivory. They’ve already laid one dusty green egg. I am so excited! Now all we need are some blue layers and we will be set!

Our guests left this morning, prior to them leaving I showed my dad a quick rundown of posing & evaluating rabbits for quality. Upon their departure, I butchered three of our remaining 5 nine-week old kits. Two escaped freezer camp in order to have some grow out time so that we can see how they develop. I am fairly excited about the black doe that remains, I hope she turns into a nice girl. Her blue sister is also pretty promising.

After butchering, I dumped and cleaned feeders and waterers, and did a bit of grooming. Our rabbitry is now *almost* down to breeders only, we still have two of the older kits, and two of the 9 week olds remaining. We have managed to get all the rabbits moved into the main, fenced part of the rabbitry now, for easier management.

We also have a broody hen. Bertha, one of our new additions from January, is sitting on 5 eggs. She has been brooding them overnight for about 2 days, and now she is sitting on them longer & longer. I have toyed with the idea of putting the lone Polish chick under her, but she’s a young and inexperienced hen, so I’ll see if she manages to hatch anything herself. She’s quite the grump these days.

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