Happy New Year!!

I realize that for a lot of folks, the time between Christmas and New Year’s is somewhat of a lull. Down on the farm, despite the rain, I have completed a large chunk of my ‘to-do’ list. I’m hoping this momentum follows me the whole way through 2019!

My work started on Thursday, the 27, the day after my family left for PA. Between then and today, 1/1, I have achieved/accomplished the following:
– Erected the canopy/roof over the new rabbitry expansion area
– Took down the Christmas ornaments & the tree
– Butchered the 3 ‘baby roosters’ from Bertha’s hatch this fall
– Butchered 8 rabbit growouts
– Successfully tattooed the growouts who I feel have potential
– Built a new, 5-hole growout cage
– Did a deep clean of my rabbit cages
– Acquired 4 new pullets
– Sold/rehomed some growouts
– Started digging holes for the fruit trees and bushes
– Started building the four wire cages for in my growout shed
– Got all of my rabbit pedigrees updated
– Bred a BUNCH of bunnies

I am still awaiting a kindle between my doe Maggie, and Linda’s buck Leon. Hoping for at least 3-4 kits, since Leon is an older guy. If they produce, it should be an exceptional litter.

I’ve included some photos below taken during my productivity.

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