2018 Rabbit Breeding/Showing

Just wanted to make a quick little conclusionary post regarding showing and breeding in 2018. Though the show and breeding season will continue through spring, I figured I’d do a year end post.

As far as breeding, as of today, 1/4, we have had 48 kits born so far in the 2018/2019 season, with only 5 losses for a mortality rate of 10.4%. I’m quite happy with that. My does have been fertile and my bucks have been randy so things have been easier for me. Many of my friends have been having difficulties with their rabbits, so I am very fortunate. I wish I could pass my good fortune on to them.

As far as showing, my highest pointed rabbit is Pirate. He came away from the fall show season with 4 legs, and I have sent in for his grand champion certificate. He has 334 specialty points and 238 display points between 5 shows.

Maggie has 192 specialty and 181 display points between 4 shows, and 1 leg. I’m hopeful that she will earn her second and third legs this spring/next fall. We will see. She is being a fabulous mother right now so she can do as she likes.

Sookie did surprisingly well for not being quite show quality. She is lightly silvered, and very wide but has a poorer topline. Regardless, she still won 51 points between 2 shows, even coming in 2nd TWICE. Proud of my gal.

I had a handful of juniors who I showed at the last show in SC that I am very pleased with. I am keeping one junior black doe from that litter (Pirate x Sookie), named Peony. Her sister Petunia is headed to AL to friends who won her in my raffle. Her brother Peyote is with Beth of Silver Lox to be her new herd buck, and her other brother Enzo (formerly Pasque) is heading to Jacksonville, FL for a youth.

Between my fall litters I have put nearly 30lb of meat in the freezer.

I ended the 2018 part of the show season with around 603 specialty and 496 display points, which I am very proud of. Looking forward to the shows in February, March, and April, before summer arrives and rabbits slow down. I must admit, I do miss summer right now, my feed bill was lower, but I am loving the kits I am producing here.

And finally, just an update. Linda’s Grand Champion buck Leon was bred to Maggie, which resulted in 9 kits, 3 of which were DOA, however the remaining 6 blacks are all healthy and thriving. I am looking very forward to seeing how they develop and mature.

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