Finally, a Rabbit Show!!

It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to show my rabbits. Our last show was in Columbia, SC on December 1, and since then I’ve had a lot of very nice rabbits born and become show age/weight. I am so looking forward to the show this weekend. We will be attending the Georgia State Convention in Perry, GA tomorrow. I am taking 11 rabbits, mostly homebred juniors, to show. I will update with results after the show. It will be my first time showing Sammy, I am excited to see how he does.

Other exciting news, both Sookie and Faith kindled on 2/13. Faith kindled 7, 1 DOA, with Linda’s buck Starry Knight, all blacks. Sookie was bred to Sammy and kindled 5, 1 black, 2 blues, and 2 whites! These are my first ever white Silver Fox. I’m excited to see how they develop.

Current rabbit count:
– 3 senior bucks
– 5 senior does
– 5 junior does
– 2 junior bucks
– 4 junior growouts (pre-sold)
– 11 young junior growouts
– 18 kits in the nest
– Grand total of 48 rabbits, 2 does bred & due mid-March

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