So. Much. Rain.

It has been raining, non-stop, for about the past week. We are predicted to accumulate about 5-7″ of rain by the time it’s all over. Our chickens aren’t very happy about it, but the ducks and geese are thoroughly enjoying it. We also recently added some jumbo white Coturnix quail that don’t seem to mind the weather. The rabbits are indifferent, I think they are enjoying the cooler weather honestly.

Mud and rain cause many issues. The footing is becoming increasingly slippery and unstable. I fell on Tuesday while doing chores and ended up tweaking my back pretty good. We are also seeing a lot of erosion and soil loss, which is very unfortunate. Due to the wooded nature of our farm, coupled with lack of ground cover, and high rainwater runoff velocity, we are losing some of our topsoil at a fairly rapid rate.

I’m hoping once the rain ends, we will have a solid break for about a week to let things start to dry out and re-grow. The good news is that our fruit trees are doing well, I believe the rain is helping them get settled. We also got our first duck egg yesterday, so the ducks are enjoying the weather. I’d like to get our duck/goose pond and enclosure started soon, if it ever stops raining. I also need to get the new pig fencing put up in the woods. Lots to do, and the weather is not conducive to outside work, of course.

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