What’s New?!

I say this often, but a lot!

The month of March has been busy thus far. I’m just posting a general overview of some new things that are going on around here. It’s finally stopped raining for more than 24 hours and it’s warming up during the day. Our little orchard is budding and flowering, and the fowl are foraging more for their food.

Rabbits: We’ve been showing a lot, once at Perry in February, once at Dalton on 3/2, and there’s a show this weekend in NC that I sent rabbits along to. I’m pleased with how my rabbits are performing, especially my home growns. I bred my open does 3/13 for last litters in mid-April. Bittersweet, but I’m ready for the rabbits to wind down so other things can wind up.

Fowl: The ducks, chickens, and geese are all doing very well. One duck, Usher, has gone broody, and is currently sitting on some fertile eggs I bought online. I think that all of the hens who will be laying this year are currently laying, and we are getting massive amounts of eggs. The duck eggs are my favorite. We ordered our meat chickens, and they arrived yesterday. We ordered 2 dozen cornish cross broilers. I’ll make another post about them later.

Pigs: We obtained all the materials for our new pig pen in the woods. We went ahead and confirmed fence lines with our lovely neighbor as well, to make sure we weren’t encroaching on his property. He seems pretty excited for some pork. I plan on working on the pig pen more this weekend, and hopefully at least getting all 3 strands of poly wire strung. We plan to get 3-4 hogs this year, hopefully mid to late April.

Other stuff: I’ve been canning and preserving and cooking like crazy lately. My best friend Jessica gave me a cookbook called “The Preservation Kitchen,” from which I have made strawberry pinot noir jam, and pickled asparagus. I also made a VERY successful and well liked batch of strawberry jam, and some hibiscus tea kombucha. I’m happy to continue cooking and preserving. I need to start working on my products for the farmer’s market, which starts in May

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