2019 Silver Fox Nationals!

I know, I’ve been neglecting the blog, AGAIN! I promise it’s just because I’m super busy with the farm and work.

This past weekend, my bunny buddy Linda of Tale of Tails & I made the grueling 14 hour drive from Georgia to Hutchinson, Kansas, to attend the 2019 Silver Fox Nationals breed show.

We left GA on Thursday, 4/11 and spent the night in Missouri, arriving in Hutchinson on Friday, 4/12. The show was a cooped show, which means that the rabbits stayed in cages instead of in their carriers. The show space was large and inviting. It was unfortunately quite chilly in Kansas, one day not even hitting 50 degrees. I was not a fan, however my rabbits enjoyed it.

The National show was on Saturday, followed by the Silver Fox Specialty show, both hosted by the Central Region Rabbit & Cavy club. Sunday was an open show, so we had 3 showing opportunities for the weekend before trekking back home.

I am very pleased to announce that some rabbits whom I bred did extremely well in these shows. There were around 75-80 rabbits entered in each show, and our ‘southern’ Silver Fox were not out of the ribbons.

In the National show, litter mates Petunia (PS02) and Peyote (PS04) took the 6/8 classes, with Petunia winning 6/8 doe, as well as best 6/8 rabbit, and Peyote winning 6/8 bucks class. My other 6/8 doe Ygritte was 4th of 8. My junior buck Leonidas was 3rd of 10 in the junior buck class, and my junior does Destiny (8th of 19) and Yara (9th of 19) placed in the top half of their VERY large class.

In the SF Specialty show, Petunia didn’t show as well (such is rabbit showing), placing 7th of 10, however Peyote again took the 6/8 bucks class, as well as winning Best 6/8 rabbit AND Best of Breed (BOB). I was ecstatic that a rabbit that I had bred won on the national stage. Very proud of him. Ygritte was 6th of 10, Leonidas was 3rd again, and while Yara was a ‘no place’ out of 17, Destiny was 3rd.

Finally, for the open show, we ended the weekend out well. Peyote was 2nd, Petunia was 2nd, Leonidas was 1st (and earned his first leg), Ygritte was 4th, Yara was 12th, Destiny was 7th, and a new doe I purchased from a friend was 8th. Overall I am very happy with the performance of my rabbits.

I am also very pleased with how our Georgia group’s rabbits did altogether. We proved that although we are newer to the Silver Fox world, we can hold our own!

Linda & I decided no more 14 hour road trips for rabbit shows, EVER. We returned home exhausted, but happy. I’m so proud of the amazing group of breeders that I get to work with and call my friends. The Silver Fox community is truly a great community of folks working together to improve a heritage breed. 🙂

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