Seriously though, it’s amazing. Self proclaimed, but I doubt you’d disagree. It’s got just the right amount of heat, plus some unexpected sweet. I’ve included the recipe below!

5 large red tomatoes – quartered
1 large yellow tomato – quartered
5 cloves of garlic – whole, peeled
3 hot peppers (I used ancho chilis from a friend) – tops cut off/stems removed [remove seeds for a mild salsa]
1/2 large red onion – roughly chopped
1.5t cumin
2t salt
1t paprika
1T dried cilantro (or use a handful of fresh)
1/2 to 1T sugar
Cap full of ACV OR lime juice

Roast the tomatoes, garlic, and hot peppers in the oven at 350 degrees F for 1 hour. Let cool 15-20 minutes.
Add all ingredients to blender and pulse until well combined at the consistency you prefer, I like mostly smooth with just a few chunks left – there is still some identifiable red onion & tomato chunks.
Pour into jars & refrigerate OR freeze – this makes about 4 pint jars.

I may experiment with fermenting a jar. We shall see.

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