Rabbitry Happenings

It’s a new year, which means new shows, challenges, and goals for 2020. I attended my first show since our fall specialty in Perry (November) this past weekend and had a blast!

The Florida State Rabbit & Cavy Breeders convention on 1/18 in Green Cove Springs, Florida. There I was able to meet up with quite a few bunny buddies, and I also got to meet some new friends!

Some highlights of the weekend included my homebred junior buck, RR Houdini, winning Best of Breed in both A & B shows. Additionally, a doe that resulted from a joint breeding venture with my friends at Little Critters Homestead (their doe Ziva to my buck Dallan), LC’s Athena, won Best Opposite Sex in show A. Now, both Houdini & Athena only need one more leg to earn their GC certificates.

I was also pleased that my friend Mike Rees earned BOS in Show B with a homebred junior doe of his, with very exceptional fur. She was a cute little doe that I see a lot of potential in.

I had other rabbits earn legs as well. Cardi B came in 1st out of 5 or 6 senior does in both shows, earning her 3rd and 4th legs, making her eligible for her GC. I attempted to register her, however she was 6oz over maximum senior weight, so ole’ girl is going to have to go on a diet for a bit. Jack also earned a leg as 1st Sr buck in Show B out of 5. I was also able to take Tank along, got his registration sorted out, and submitted his legs for his GC. Yay bunnies!

One of the worst parts of the weekend was meeting a youth who had purchased a “Silver Fox” buck, however upon inspection by both the judges and some of the breeders, we confirmed that this buck was no SF at all. Someone had sold this youth a steel, New Zealand-type rabbit as a SF. This is one of my BIGGEST pet peeves, as I can’t stand folks who are uneducated or even worse down right liars selling rabbits to folks new to the breed. This buck was disqualified in both shows because, well, he wasn’t a SF and didn’t fit the breed SOP. I got with her mother however, and decided I will be sending her an actual SF buck to the next Florida show. I am hoping I can give her something of solid show quality so that she can enjoy showing and winning on the tables.

RR Houdini (front) & LC’s Athena (back) with their BOB/BOS award mugs

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