My First Best In Show

This weekend has me absolutely floored. There was a rabbit show in Green Cove Springs, Florida, to which I could not attend, however I sent some rabbits along with my bunny buddy Linda of Tale of Tails. I sent 5 rabbits to show and 2 that were going to new homes.

To start the show off, in Open A, my 6/8 doe Athena took Best of Breed, achieving her final leg towards her Grand Champion. As long as she reaches senior weight (minimum of 10lb) she will be registered and granded. My doe from Margaret Funck (Quarry Ridge Rabbitry), Zaria, also took first senior doe out of 4.

Shows B and C did not disappoint either, with Zaria winning Best of Breed in both shows.

Certainly if you’ve watched a dog show before, you know that first all the dogs of the same breed compete to pick the Best of Breed. Then, once those dogs are chosen BOB, they go on to compete in group (hound, herding, toy, etc.) before those group winners compete for Best in Show. It is similar with rabbit shows, however most of the time there are no group wins, it proceeds from Best of Breed to Best in Show.

Linda was kind enough to stay for the Best in Show judging, and to my surprise, in Open B, Zaria took Best in Show! Of course, my naughty friends decided to keep this a secret from me until the next morning when I went to pick up my rabbits at Linda’s. Needless to say I was in tears. This is an absolutely monumentous occasion, especially for Silver Fox in the Southeast. There have, to my knowledge, only been two Reserve in Show wins for Silver Fox in the region, plus a handful of “honorable mentions” on the Best in Show table. Even at other all-breed shows across the country, Silver Fox winning Best in Show is a huge deal and happens fairly rarely.

The doe who won was a senior doe, Funck’s Zaria, who I purchased from Margaret Funck in September of 2019. Both her mother & grandmother have Best in Show wins, so she is carrying on the family tradition. I am absolutely smitten. Not only did she earn her final legs towards her Grand Champion, she was BIS out of 71 exhibitors with 278 rabbits. This gives me so much hope for the breed, especially in our region. Folks are beginning to take notice and take interest in this breed, which was once a complete RARITY in the Southeast.

I absolutely have to thank Margaret, along with my friends Linda, Mike, and Laura for providing me with this great doe, along with transporting, tabling, and supporting my rabbits this past weekend. It takes a village, and I am so proud to be working with these amazing people to better this fabulous breed of rabbit!

Funck’s Zaria with her BIS award at home on 2/2/20

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