Some Days

Some days I think to myself…why? Just why. These damn pigs are a thorn in my side. One pig tried to kill herself today. She decided to disrespect the fence, in turn getting shocked. She was then on the opposite of the fence that she was supposed to be on, and was afraid to go back for fear of being shocked. This pig was SO HOT when I found her when I went up to water them.

Tried to coax her back under the fence. No way. Not happening.
So I went & shut off the fence.

Took fence down so that there was no fencing in her way of coming back into the central pen. Nope.

Tried to shoo/nudge/guide her back through the gap in the fence to the central pen. Negative.
So then I got feed.

Wasn’t even HAVING A LOOK at the feed, this hooker was so hot. Then her stupid brother comes over & starts running her around.
It is at this point when I truly question if having pigs is worth it in this horrendous summer heat. Chasing stupid piglets through the poison ivy infested woods in an attempt to SAVE THEIR LIVES.

But no. I’m the bad guy.

Finally, I got some water into a bucket and got her to drink. Slowly walking backwards into the central pasture. She was so thirsty she was desperate for water and to cool herself off. Stupid pig.

This prompted me to dig out a much larger wallow area for them, which I spent the next 20 minutes doing, falling in the mud only twice. And now all of my pigs are nice & cool in the shade with their new wallow pumped full of cool water. Happiest. Pigs. Ever.

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