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I realize it’s been a minute since I’ve given an update regarding Willa’s health & wellbeing. I’ll start off by saying that last fall she achieved 2 of her 4 required started passes in HRC (UKC) towards her started title. This past spring she excelled in her UPT test (NAVHDA) to earn a 169, prize 2! And on my birthday, no less. I’m thrilled with her performance – so sad she is physically damaged.

Yesterday, 7/21, I received confirmation of her OFA results. No surprise (if you haven’t, check out my original post here –> CLICKY!!) that she has come back as having mild hip dysplasia and will not be receiving a CHIC number. Below is a copy of her OFA results (personal info redacted).


I have forwarded her results to Larry, as well as sent him a text, and, SHOCKER, no response. I will mail him a printed copy of her OFA results as well as the signed original contract that I was given when I purchased her, plus a signed copy of the ‘updated’ contract (total bullshit) for shits & giggles. I fully do not expect to hear back from him. Larry Fiske, Alex DeFleron & Chapel View Farms are hurting the WPG breed (**OPINION**). I can only hope that by bringing awareness to this issue, no one ends up in the same position I am in.

Fingers crossed that Willa will continue to live a comfortable, pain-free life. I’m already adding glucosamine & turmeric to her diet, as well as lots of anti-oxidant rich foods and collagen. Hopefully she has many hunting seasons left under her belt. We plan to test UT in Spring of 2021.

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  1. Just curious, did you ever get your money back? Do you know when Thistle was born? We have a male from the them.

  2. Hannah,
    Unfortunately we were to late reading your story, and already have sent Larry Fiske a deposit for summer puppy. He continued to make up excuses as to why it was delayed, and then when I read your thread and confronted him, he got surprising quiet. We will seek to get our money back and then decide if it is worth the legal costs to pursue it further. He seems to be quite a scam artist, and his partner (Alex) and others are also complicate in his nefarious dealings. I hope that everyone reads or hears of him before seeking to purchase any animal from him.

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