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I realize it’s been a minute since I’ve given an update regarding Willa’s health & wellbeing. I’ll start off by saying that last fall she achieved 2 of her 4 required started passes in HRC (UKC) towards her started title. This past spring she excelled in her UPT test (NAVHDA) to earn a 169, prize 2! And on my birthday, no less. I’m thrilled with her performance – so sad she is physically damaged.

Yesterday, 7/21, I received confirmation of her OFA results. No surprise (if you haven’t, check out my original post here –> CLICKY!!) that she has come back as having mild hip dysplasia and will not be receiving a CHIC number. Below is a copy of her OFA results (personal info redacted).


I have forwarded her results to Larry, as well as sent him a text, and, SHOCKER, no response. I will mail him a printed copy of her OFA results as well as the signed original contract that I was given when I purchased her, plus a signed copy of the ‘updated’ contract (total bullshit) for shits & giggles. I fully do not expect to hear back from him. Larry Fiske, Alex DeFleron & Chapel View Farms are hurting the WPG breed (**OPINION**). I can only hope that by bringing awareness to this issue, no one ends up in the same position I am in.

Fingers crossed that Willa will continue to live a comfortable, pain-free life. I’m already adding glucosamine & turmeric to her diet, as well as lots of anti-oxidant rich foods and collagen. Hopefully she has many hunting seasons left under her belt. We plan to test UT in Spring of 2021.

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  1. Just curious, did you ever get your money back? Do you know when Thistle was born? We have a male from the them.

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